The above picture tells its own story. It is the image of an empty school hall, void of not only the students but of adequate technical facilities to create a viable learning atmosphere for its intended occupants. This great hall played host to over 150 students in the just concluded training workshop,

#Project Reach-out organized by ODELL INITIATIVE in conjunction with ACI Computer Education.

A need to be met?


In Africa, by United Nations statistics, only one-fifth of the population will have access to the internet by the end of 2014! Whilst other continents such as America, Europe and Asia will have an impressive penetration rate of over 75percent of internet access!
Think about the wealth of academic opportunities that will be lost on the remnant population who either do not have access to the internet or cannot walk an efficient path online!
It is indeed a dire situation for Africans especially the less-privileged youths who are necessarily the future of our great continent. Thus ODELL Initiative’s maiden project was birthed – # Project Reach-out.



To proffer solutions to any problem, it is logical to first identify the bane .Many African youths who do not have access to the wealth of opportunities that exist on the internet are often not bereft of adequate mobile devices! The sad truth is that most believe that to gain access to online opportunities, one must possess high-tech mobile gadgets such as laptops: Tablets etc.
According to such philosophies “little does nothing”. Therefore little internet enabled phones can do little or nothing to tap into scholarship opportunities, grants, academic research walkways available online. Another reason given is the lack of standard internet education to further equip these youths in fully comprehending the overwhelming positive effects as well as the obvious negative effects of the Internet (issues of Cyber bullying). In light of the following, The ODELL INITIATIVE in conjunction with ACI computer Institute organized a 3 day training workshop for the students of Moremi High School, Ile-ife, Osun State. This programme is PROJECT REACH-OUT.

Group photograph – The Staff and Students of Moremi High School , Lead Volunteer/Founder , ODELL INITIATIVE.

PROJECT REACH-OUT as its name implies seeks to enlighten the average Nigerian youth on the benefits of “reaching-out” to the rest of the world using the internet as an Academic tool.
“Project reach-out” is targeted at training secondary school students on how to use smart phones to access the internet in the absence of computers and other technologically advanced devices. THE BEST PART is IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FREE!
DAY 1 : Getting started !!!
#PROJECT REACH-OUT commenced on the 4th of February, 2015. We had in attendance over 150 students of the Moremi High School,Ile-ife. One noticeable feature was the enthusiasm of the students to learn as much as they could within these three days. Day 1 kicked off with a flurry of activities. We had to get our equipment in place, ensure that sitting arrangements were properly done and refreshments were in order.
Volunteers of ODELL Initiative as well as ACI computer Education all worked together to ensure the success of the programme.

OLAOLUWA bALOGUN- Lead Facilitator / Volunteer ,in a Q/A session with a Trainee.

DSC_0087 DSC_0073

Acquisition of Internet Knowledge both in ACADEMICS and GENERAL issues was the theme for the first day.
In Academics, the students were given pertinent learning tips on how to research on topics in their subject outline in order to stay ahead of the class. This also included acquiring solutions to assignments and Discovering and downloading past questions for Examinations especially for those who couldn’t afford to buy.
Under General knowledge courses, the students were taught how to acquiring general knowledge using the following channels:-


The students were also informed on how to adequately utilize the popular Google search engine and to positively utilize the YouTube channel.

DAY 2 – The Fun part?
On the second day, the pervasive issue of the SOCIAL MEDIA was thoroughly discussed. The team tried to ostensibly explain the positive aspects of the social network as well as the sometimes inevitable negative occurrences of cyber bullying. These topics were copiously stated in these categories:
 Understanding the Relevance of Social Networking
 Learning to manage the people you meet via Social Network.
 Meeting and interacting with your Role models
 The Art of Blogging


DAY 3 : CAREER FOCUS : is the future scary ???
This was the most important day for the team and the students. We had to ensure that everything that the students had been taught was properly geared towards creating a bright future for themselves. This was done on the third and final day of the project. There was an interactive session on future careers and healthy ambitions and also on how to rightly channel this dreams using the internet as viable platform. These salient topics were couched under the following courses:
 Discovering careers and researching specialized interests online.
 Discovering internship opportunities, scholarships and competitions e.g Writing Avenues, Art competitions etc.
 Learning the mode of applications for such opportunities.
 Researching tools to build your Career.


Q/A Session


ODELL Volunteers flanked by the Vice Principal and the school’s computer teacher.

Well not quite… however on the third day it was time to say our goodbyes. It had really been a wonderful experience for the Team and the Staff and students of Moremi High School. We realized that impacting on the “pillars of Humanity” was one if not the best service one can give to mankind. This project was organized by students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife Osun state. This goes to show that impacting isn’t merely an exercise for the wealthy, rather it is for the visionary.
#Project Reach-out continues in more secondary schools across the Nation. We seek to impact positively on the average Nigerian youth and with your support, we SHALL.
Follow us on twitter – @ODELLNetwork
E-mail us – odellnetwork@gmail.com
We would love to hear from you.
Let’s empower the pillars of Humanity, Together we can.


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